Design, technology and collaboration to tackle the post-pandemic challenge of creating digital events with strong interpersonal relationships. That is the recipe we used for the most important faire of innovation, Maker Faire Rome — The EU edition.

Online events in the year of the Covid-19 pandemic are one of the great challenges across the commercial and cultural sectors, from conferences to performances, from museums to fashion shows, from education to healthcare.

Whatever the subject, every event is made of contents and relationships. If on one hand releasing content online is rather simple and there are multiple tools to do it with great results, on the other hand it is not so immediate recreating the intrinsic relationship of the physical presence. Starting from this assumption, Dotdotdot and OpenDot co-designed the digital platform for the very first online edition of the biggest European event on innovation: Maker Faire Rome — The EU Edition (10–13/12 2020).



We are a multidisciplinary interaction design studio founded in Milan in 2004, in which experimentation is at the core of innovation.

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