When design depends on continuous education.

Dotdotdot studio in Milan

The creative process

Our planning methodology begins from the “Sharing and Engaging” phase, that is from the preliminary study of the client, starting from the planning question that was posed to us. To establish a common starting point, a common language is defined in order to communicate with the client and take advantage of their resources. It is a study that allows us to also understand and scout the client’s values and strengths.

Education, a strategic tool and instrument

In the “Sharing & Engineering” phase, education connects us with our client. Through workshops, introductory seminars to innovation or issues that distinguish us, among them digitalisation, interaction design, User Experience design or the open source approach, we implement a process of supporting and sharing design insights.

Venchi Chocolate Experience, a project by Carlo Ratti Associati and Dotdotdot

Learning by doing, part of our DNA

This attitude comes from our own history. We have always been self-taught, we have learned the profession of interaction designer by doing it, in a moment in time where the relationship with the user of the interactive space, such as the access to content through digital media, where still in their infancy. In those first few years we experimented with the relationship that was being created between man and technology, as well as how the latter could simplify the access and relation with information.

“The experimentation that has always distinguishes our creative research thus outlines a methodology that, although established in theory, is always variable in practice, as it is confronted with the specific design question.”

It is for this reason that education holds such a strategic role. It is relative to making and delineating the project itself. It is part of the process.

Dotdotdot & OpenDot

Continuous education is also one of the reasons for which our Fab Lab OpenDot exists. It is of a double nature: on one hand, to bring people closer to new technologies and engage a community around the topic of open innovation; while on the other hand, providing professional educational moments through talks and design workshops that allow to carry on continuous research, to disclose and account for new potential clients.

A project by Pierluigi Anselmi, Dotdotdot and Stefano Mirti / Video by Propp / Sound Design by Painè Cuadrelli
Alce Nero GEA Marble Machine



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We are a multidisciplinary interaction design studio founded in Milan in 2004, in which experimentation is at the core of innovation.