The Corporate Museum as an Experience

New interactive corporate space formulas allow visitors to uniquely and engagingly experience a company– making them more than just about a story and products. Rather than exhibitions or corporate museums, these are interactive paths that offer new perspectives using digital technology tools. They represent an opportunity for the company to reflect on its identity and expand its boundaries.

Aboca Experience, Sansepolcro (AR) | Art Direction, Exhibition e Interaction Design by Dotdotdot

Understanding identity and expanding boundaries

These spaces are an essential opportunity to expand boundaries. They do not create a self-congratulatory visit but provide a wider local audience with training. Our Enel Green Power Interactive Power Plants project follows this concept.

Taccani Interactive Plant, Trezzo (MI) | Exhibition & Interaction Design by Dotdotdot for Enel Green Power
Aboca Experience, Sansepolcro (AR) | Art Direction, Exhibition e Interaction Design by Dotdotdot

Communicating complexity

Pursuing these objectives means translating complexity into a simple but not simplistic language that makes the information understandable without making it trivial. It is a process to be carried out within a joint curatorship between our team of architects, interaction and exhibition designers, developers, and experts in communication with the company’s key staff. This was the case of “The Circular Future Kit per ENI” — four ludic learning kits on the “environment and circular future.” Based on an empirical learning method — they represented the synthesis of complex scientific and technological information and concepts, such as circular energy and renewable energy sources. This process of co-designing the story can take the most diverse forms: a video, an app, interactive training kits or interactive and complex corporate spaces.

The Circular Future Kit | OpenDot for ENI+Scuola

Interaction design and corporate storytelling

Interaction design uses new languages and tools to evoke concepts or values underlying the museum narrative. In these interactive corporate spaces, the curating aspect is crucial — it must mediate between the storytelling of contents and different exhibit, interaction design and user experience languages because the visitor must experience and not merely visit the company’s reality.

Aboca Experience, Sansepolcro (AR) | Art Direction, Exhibition e Interaction Design by Dotdotdot

Digital supporting small museums

Companies and cultural institutions understand the importance of accessible culture and digital centrality more than ever. Recently, with the contribution of the Politecnico di Milano’s Observatory for Digital Innovation in Heritage and Culture, we have created a handbook to inform and guide Italian cultural institutions through an intuitive path towards digitisation from existing resources. To unravel between the many tools and possibilities, Culture, GoDigital! provides initial support to small museums or companies interested in communicating through interactive corporate spaces. Designing a different, direct, and accessible fruition of (corporate) culture is the key to a more spontaneous and direct relationship with the public.

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