Is it possible to innovate healthcare through Applied Games, data analysis and a co-design process?

TOP! Together to Play! video game suite co-designed by OpenDot and Fondazione TOG | therapeutic session

As scientific aspects become more vertical and the technology increasingly complex, the design role must relate therapy and tools to serve the individual’s needs, listen and provide new combinations. While important, technology is a tool within the design process and not the solution.

TOG Foundation and OpenDot | Co-design session

Project Genesis

TOP! Together to Play project is another excellent example of how to put what we have learned into practice. It is the result of a co-design, by several players, with different skills, working together to overcome disciplinary differences.

TOP! Together to Play!

Applied Game, eye-tracking, and innovation

Providing separate devices for caregivers and care receivers allows the perception of tool exclusivity. The child feels that the device belongs to them; they create an avatar and play in an extremely personal and exclusive way.

Example of Data Visualization

Data analysis and alternative use conditions



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