Is it possible to innovate healthcare through Applied Games, data analysis and a co-design process?

TOP! Together to play suite of healthcare video games helps rehabilitate children with complex neurological problems by comparing session data — providing an innovative rehabilitation therapy and monitoring of a child’s progress.

TOP! Together to Play! video game suite co-designed by OpenDot and Fondazione TOG | therapeutic session
TOG Foundation and OpenDot | Co-design session

Project Genesis

For five years Fondazione TOG, OpenDot and Dotdotdot are co-designing to innovate the health and care field. As part of the successful partnership, has been established a Co-design method for health and care that includes a manifesto with a vision, and tools to facilitate the design process.

TOP! Together to Play!

Applied Game, eye-tracking, and innovation

By analysing already-available-products and observing and closely studying the rehabilitation practices, the need to separate the patient’s device from that of the operator/therapist was identified.

Example of Data Visualization

Data analysis and alternative use conditions

Ocular tracking devices have been used for years to map the eye’s main movements (saccades, focus and following), but under “protected” and replicable conditions.

We are a multidisciplinary interaction design studio founded in Milan in 2004, in which experimentation is at the core of innovation.