Culture, Go Digital! Contents, tools, planning and strategy. How to humanise digital for an innovative and inclusive culture.

During the health emergency, museums and international institutions responded quickly and creatively to the cultural inaccessibility in which we suddenly found ourselves. This highlighted the importance of an accessible culture and digital during this moment of transformation. The project was created to support cultural institutions looking for more strategic and integrated planning.

New strategies and planning

With the Politecnico di Milano Observatory for Digital Innovation in Heritage and Culture’s assistance, Dotdotdot created a vademecum to suggest and guide Italian cultural institutions through an intuitive digitisation starting from their existing resources. It aimed to provide a collection of essential tools, useful for the continuity of cultural dissemination during a crisis, and to expand its audience with an inclusive and accessible approach. This was a convenient tool for those institutions which were caught unaware and have found themselves entangled by too many tools and possibilities and helped them bridge the gap using the innovative scope of better-known best practices.

For new, resilient, and accessible scenarios to enjoy culture

Cultural accessibility and the importance of digital are lessons to be learned for the future.

We are a multidisciplinary interaction design studio founded in Milan in 2004, in which experimentation is at the core of innovation.